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Because I will have to work across different locations in Asia and Europe with a large number of colleagues, university administrators, and higher education government officials on a day-to-day basis, e-collaboration seems to be in demand. Having extensively worked in the e-collaboration field in research environments and in industry, I hope to make a lasting contribution in this area. Because the required information systems are complex, I will have to rely heavily on the work and the products from colleagues, industry partners, and friends for the support of my personal work infrastructure.
  • Prof. Dr. Ludwig Nastansky will contribute his K-POOL information system, which was developed at the University of Paderborn - GCC Groupware Competence Center.
  • Felix Binsack of TIMETOACT Group allowed me to use his TIMETOWEB CMS product to support my work in Afghanistan.
  • Jürgen Zirke of PAVONE AG allowed me to use the PAVONE Enterprise Office systems and the organization and processes modeling tools developed by PAVONE AG.
  • Michael Gollmick, an acclaimed Notes/Domino systems specialist and application developer makes a significant! contribution to make things work - if they don't.
  • IBM/Lotus supports my work via the IBM Academic Initiative program. In fact, quite a number of my lectures (notably about electronic collaboration and database systems) would not be possible without the generous supply of cost-free licences for teaching and research by IBM.

Last-but-not-least I have to mention IBM. As a member of their Academic Initiative my students - and myself - benefit from their generous provision of their software for teaching and research use: For my teaching and research activities I rely heavily on IBM DB2 database and on the Lotus Notes/Domino e-collaboration environments.

Definitely, I rely on the support from additional people and institutions. The people and organizations named above are just the tip of the iceberg.